How to optimize your Social Media Posting Time? Viraltag Review 2022

viraltag review 2022 best tool for social media posting time optimization

I’ve been doing social media management for a while. I’ve been through so many tools, spreadsheets, apps, and systems and I feel like so many are ALMOST what I need, but not quite.

Recently I have been on a hunt for a tool that will let me schedule ALL of my platforms in one place.

Buffer was good for a bit when I first started blogging but I hated being limited by the posts I could add to my queue.

I recently discovered Viraltag. I am seriously in love, it does everything I need it to and it works with Instagram AND Pinterest.

I can schedule as many posts as I want without restriction and it’s super easy to create a post for each platform from one piece of content.

Viraltag Review 2022:

Here are just three of my favorite things about Viraltag.

Evergreen Content!

OVE that I can mark content as evergreen and it will live in a queue that can be pulled from in the event I have nothing scheduled for that day.

In Viraltag, you can set up a posting schedule for each platform. You can set up one time to post per day or 20 times to post per day and you can set it up for each individual platform.

So if there is ever a day you have nothing in your queue and it’s post time, Viraltag will pull one of the posts you’ve marked as evergreen and push it out. You can also set it to never post the same post within so many days of each other.

Browser Plugin

They have a great plugin for your browser so you can simply click the Viraltag button and schedule content directly from there.

It lets you select multiple images for different platforms and brings you to the bulk editor.

Bulk Editor

Viraltag makes it really easy to schedule content across all of your platforms. You know the copy and images you use are going to be different for Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, so this allows you to do it all at once in one place without needing to create the post over and over!

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