Using Text Replacement for Instagram Hashtags

text replacement for instagram hashtags

Who here hates typing out hashtags every single time you post to Instagram or trying to find your list in the notes in your phone?

What if I told you there is such a better way to do this?

You’d probably be all over it, right?! Well, get ready!

All you have to do is set up a text replacement in your iPhone, seriously, it’s that easy!

What is a text replacement?

It’s basically a shortcode you can type and then your iPhone will “autocorrect” the shortcode to the long list of hashtags for you.

For example, I use #ps for my Instagram. When I type that in my iPhone then suggests my long list of hashtags as a replacement. Here’s how to do it.

Start in your Settings, click General, then keyboard, and finally Text Replacement. Click the “+” symbol in the top right to add your own.

In the phrase section, add all of your hashtags, in the Shortcut section add something simple but not something you commonly type here. This will prevent your phone from autocorrecting you every time you type in your business name.

Are you on an Android phone? Don’t worry!

You can set up text replacements too. Head into your Settings, then Language and input, find Google Keyboard, then Text correction, and finally Personal Dictionary.

Select the language you use and then click the “+ add” button which will allow you to define a word with the option of a shortcut.

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